Company ABN Registration

A legal entity for conducting business and owning assets.

If you don’t mind paying for the benefits of greater asset protection and tax flexibility, then a company could be the way to go.

When registering a company ABN you need to have shareholders & directors – these are, respectively the people who own the company and who run the company. In many small companies the same people are both owners and directors.

Companies need a number of instruments to operate. Most importantly is registration with ASIC – this is mandatory. Also important are company Tax File Number, ABN, GST, and PAYG.

If you are forming a company with more than one owner, we recommend seeking advice about clarifying the terms of the arrangement between the parties.

If you have not yet registered your company, we also provide a simple service for full company consents and documentation that makes setting up a company easy and fast. We also provide phone support if you are in doubt – just proceed to register and then we’ll call you.

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